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Jace Pickard

Lead Actor/Producer

Alexis Willard

Jace Pickard got his first taste of acting in 2009 when he was cast in an episode of Crime Investigation Australia and since then, he hasn’t gone back. Graduating from a full-time course at Screenwise in 2012 with a Diploma of Screen Acting, Jace has gone on to do various projects within the entertainment industry, both film and theatre. Lead Me Astray marks both his first leading role and executive producer status in a feature film.

Tim Page


Dr. Gene Seward

Tim’s long and varied career includes performing in over 30 opera productions for Opera Australia, Opera Queensland, Victoria State Opera, The London Savoyards, The New Zealand Opera Company and NSW University Opera, appearing in musicals such as A Little Night Music, Sweeney Todd, La Cage Aux Folles, Shout, The Producers and Assassins. He spent six years as Dr. Graham Steele in the television series The Young Doctors and had major roles in A Country Practice, Water Rats and All Saints. Tim is looking forward to directing a new version of The Magic Flute which he has created for Central Coast Opera in 2016.

Alannah Robertson

Lead Actor

Lacey Sinclair

Alannah studied at Screenwise; Australia's Leading Film and Television School for Actors graduating with a Diploma of Screen Acting in 2012.  Since then Alannah has acted in the independent feature films such as Lead Me Astray (2015) and Remember Redfield (2016), TV series Deadly Women (dir. Kate Ryerson), web series Atomic Kingdom (dir. James Peniata), and her theatre credits include Punk Rock  (dir. Luke Beatie), Mothers (dir. Kaye Lopez/Joy Roberts), Quay to the City (dir. Janice Muller), Eyes To The Floor (dir. Amy Hardingham) and  a comedy sketch show which she co-wrote, Wednesday Night Live (dir. Kelly Anderson).

Addi Craig


Young Alexis

Addi Craig, who plays the role of Young Alexis is extremely proud to have been cast in his first feature length film in Lead Me Astray at 11 years.  He studied acting for 4 years and had performed in several short films before working with new young director Tom Danger.  Addi is a talented scholar, a keen debater (a skill he practices on his parents!) and he enjoys sports such as basketball, hockey & rugby union.

Logan Webster



After failing to get a normal job for a few years, I joined up with the Screen Actors Workshop. My thought process being if I’m going to get rejected by hundreds of job offers, it might as well be for the thing I actually want to do with my life. At one of my last interviews, a Toys R Us in Erina, I met a dashing lad who was in the process of making a film named Tom Danger. We hit it off immediately and he told me to come audition for the film he was making. It wasn’t until after I landed the role that we realised we had known each other years prior, from a local acting school in Gosford, Chris Kings Young Talent School. Building from my connections on this film allowed me to go on and create my very own film entitled Remember Redfield, utilising some of the very talented cast and crew from this feature.

Tom Danger



After receiving a video camera as a present at an early age, Tom Danger began making films with his brother, producing numerous horror, science-fiction and comedy films through his schooling years. He graduated from Western Sydney University in 2014, with a Bachelor of Communication (Media Arts Production), using his final year to begin production on Lead Me Astray, his first feature film. He has worked on other features in numerous roles, including Sick (2012), Red Rabbit Lodge (2015), Remember Redfield (2016) and Black Raven Park (2016). He is a passionate frozen yogurt enthusiast and enjoys writing about himself in third person.

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